#436 theoldmortuary ponders

Our Georgian style, Victorian house has many original features. One of which is Anaglypta panels in the hallway. In 1889 when this house was built Anaglypta was the Metro Tile of the era. Anaglypta was invented in 1887 and bespoke panels were set into the plaster walls. In any house this would have been a hard job, getting the panels shaped to run in line with Dado and picture rails. This house is built near the peak of a hill. The front of the house runs up a hill north to south and down a hill front to back. Getting anything straight was a miracle.When we looked at the house and decided to buy it,  the panels were painted a bold mustard colour with a honey cream background. At some point during a very protected house sale the previous owners were going to take the house off the market and repainted the hall in a blander style for the rental market. Having seen the hall boldly painted we decided to make a feature of the lower panel and paint it dark grey. Hannah is on this now she has finished the doors. Right now we are wondering if we have gone too dark. Trepidation is a regular feature in our interior design journey.

Just as soon as we are done there will be a big reveal blog, but this morning with the early sun pouring in things are looking good even though everything is embellished with Canary yellow masking tape. One last push from me and the spindles up to the first turn of the stairs will be finished later today.

In between spindle painting I made some digital repeat patterns of the work in progress photo. I might print one out, frame it and hang it in an Anaglypta, panel a sort of infinite homage to Victorian craftsmen…

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