#490 theoldmortuary ponders.

Tidal Pool, Firestone Bay ©theoldmortuary

I am very very late to the practice of doing Yoga early in the morning, but 6 months of an acute phase of arthritis has left me stiff and limpy in the mornings. As the first signs of things improving co-incided with the opening of a new gym nearby, I joined and am working my way through the classes that take my interest. Hatha Yoga gets my vote so far. The thought of walking to a warm beautiful space is definitely easier on the mind in those last sleepy moments of bed than my more common habit of plunging into the cold sea.

But both are invaluable in loosening up my cranky, creaky joints, which is my primary need but increasingly I am aware that my happily busy head takes some time out while doing these two disparate activities. Now to work out a way to combine the two.

Work in Progress.

One thought on “#490 theoldmortuary ponders.

  1. that might be the perfect blend. I’m waking up creaky too, and walking helps, but I have to leave for work soon after waking, so walking has to wait until later in the day –


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