#482 theoldmortuary ponders

Lichen on a Victorian grave.

One day after Valentines Day is the right time to say that I have never been a fan of the whole, commercial, overload of pressure that is imposed by the notion of a special day for expressing romantic love. The root of my dislike is almost certainly rooted in my adolescent years when acne made my face look like a cheap pizza. No cards, signed or otherwise found their way to my home. The acne and possibly the experience of being a spotty teenager shaped me, not necessarily in a bad way.

Love Locks at St Ives.

Obviously I am not averse to romantic love but I don’t quite get why it has a day to itself when other forms of love are equally satisfying and beneficial.

Rusty Painting ©theoldmortuary

Love for Life, Family and Friends are just as valuable. I’ve used another love to illustrate this little love rant. The love of rust. Not always metallic, sometimes just a rust colour. Add rust to verdigris and the love just magnifies.

Ceramic pot, weathered in a garden

Not too far from home this lovely door with added graffiti always makes me stop to appreciate the colours and industrial strength.

Cold War bunker Richmond Walk

In complete contrast these naturally occuring barnacles are rich with colour and texture.

My love for rust is obsessive, as obsessive as my dislike for the commercialisation of the 14th February. A proper Valentines Grinch and proud of it.

Cafe seat, Toronto Island.

And finally one that was taken close to home a few years ago. I have no idea what it is. I love it!

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