#435 theoldmortuary ponders

I made myself laugh yesterday on another wet and windy dog walk. I caught a glimpse of myself in the full- length glass doors of a closed cafe. I was completely dressed like the dogs.

The weather was dire so I couldn’t get a photo, but this bathroom shot gives you an idea. Even the architecture of the walk seemed to have got the ‘salted caramel’ dress code.

Long ago this was the entrance to my Fine Art Studio complex.

Then my task for the day was to create gift packs from a Photo Shoot * that my family were involved in at the height of summer.


The evening light and our choice of clothes was also Caramel coloured. Once again the dogs were perfectly colour co-ordinated.

Although Hugo could not be trusted to pose. As regular readers will know he is on a one dog mission to rescue every frond of seaweed from the sea. Sorting these pictures was like playing snap with my family. Six packs of selected images were the reward for a couple of hours of checking and checking serial numbers.

It was a Salted Caramel kind of day!

* we are not really a photo shoot kind of family. However meeting Rachel at Ruby Light was a very relaxed experience. I can happily recommend her.

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