#430 theoldmortuary ponders

Coffee this morning in a local coffee shop and gallery. There were some amazing prints on the walls by local Primary School children. I’m not someone who loves the naivete of children’s’ art, much of it is unremarkable and some could only be appreciated by parents and grandparents but this stuff was gorgeous. Each little creation printed on a square of paper about 14 cms square.

There is magic in the air when teachers can conjure such interesting images from the hands of small people, simply by teaching them a new technique.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if in the world of work instead of team building with physical or mental challenges. Colleagues could be set loose in a print room, given some instructions and then allowed to let their imaginations run wild with colour and shape.

So sad that the end of Primary School is the beginning of the end of most peoples regular engagement with creative processes. Art and music slip from the grasp of most people by the time they are 14.

That is a sombre old thought for Advent+ 2022 but if children under 11 can produce such lovely work what would happen if everyone remained creative in some way throughout life. The world might be a better place .

One thought on “#430 theoldmortuary ponders

  1. I think these are wonderful, and as you noticed, it took a teacher introducing something new to the children to get these beautiful works. I work with young children and we have learned to focus on process, letting them expreienment and try all kinds of media to create something wonderful and new, I applaud this teacher and the children for their art. I so agree with this would be much better team builders for the corporate world out there as well.

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