#423 theoldmortuary ponders

Pondering has always seemed to me to be an intangible act. Private and personal and not obvious to others. Unless like me the ponderings are laid bare on paper or electronic media. Ezra’s branch of my particular family tree set forth from an insignificant corner of North East Essex for the New World just before 1620, predating the sailing of the Mayflower. Thus they missed the notoriety and celebrity of being popular histories ‘Pilgrim Fathers’

They migrated having produced a child a year, at least prior to migration and their fecundity continued unabated when they settled in Rhode Island and later The Bronx. All those babies and children while simultaneously making history!

Meanwhile my branch of the family made no history.

Late Night pondering, shared. Hopefully keeping the rust off my cerebellum. If simple pondering is enough to keep the rust away, or do I need to philosophize properly to keep things buff. Google is not much help.

And this my friends is why I should not drink three utterly delicious black coffees with caffeine in one day, all before noon. When my normal quota is usually one. Oh the giddiness of Christmas excess. Oh the insomnia. Oh Advent+2022.

P.S New family motto. Actually we were there already but didn’t make a sing and dance about it.

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