#413 theoldmortuary ponders

This year Christmas feels squishy. For the first time in a couple of years it feels normal for me to hug people when we meet at festive events. I realise that not everyone feels like that, but I am, by nature, a hugger and now I feel free to go about my hugging business. Maybe with a more watchful eye to be sure I am not being inappropriate with someone who remains fearful, or who never liked hugs in the first place. Some people found Covid restrictions to be some sort of personal space Nirvana. Yesterday I met a friend at a musical event, our hug was warm fragrant and comfortable. The music was fabulous too.

In other news, that very conveniently leads me to the Advent+22 image, one of my granddaughters was in a school nativity play as one of the seven Kings. Possibly Snow Christ and the Seven Kings, who could begin to guess.

Thankfully being a woman of Essex heritage from the East I know that 7 Kings is not implausible. A picture that would never in any other circumstance appear in a pondering.

Seven Kings Station, Ilford, Essex

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