#315 theoldmortuary ponders

British summer fruits are a lifelong love. Only this week my favourite firework was chosen because it reminded me of rhubarb. But this summer the fruits that are part of my summer are a bit different. By moving only 7 miles the fruit glut that my friends and neighbours share, is all a bit more exotic. More fabulous figs arrived yesterday.

I believe I could eat fresh -off -the- tree figs all day. Internally that might not be such a good idea but if the supply was infinite I am certain I would be happy to attempt a fig challenge. Cherries too are available in big amounts.

Last night we made a Turkish dish that made cherries a savoury accomopniment. Tenderstem broccoli with cherries.


Link above for the recipe.

We served it with Sea Bass which was perfect.

Full disclosure we used a tin of cherries.

Cherries are another fruit I can eat to excess and I would never cook a fresh cherry because it would already have been eaten.

You may or may not be aware of the genre of art where slightly plump ladies lay back on luxurious pillows, seductively eating fruit. The juices moistening their lips and breasts as they give the viewer of the paintings a ‘come hither’ look. I believe the viewer has got this all wrong. That look actually says ” Touch my fruit and you’re dead”

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