#213 theoldmortuary ponders.

Blue, blue, electric blue. The words that stick in my head from David Bowie singing Sound and Vision.

After nearly a year of living very close to the sea, I have a huge colour palate in my head that is the colour of the sea, I also have a lot of sounds and visions. I’m in the early stages of a commission that will reflect how the sea changes. I am taking a mixed media approach to the early work.

The Atlantic in my little patch of Devon can be many different colours, not always blue and sometimes quite grotty.

The sounds also change depending on the tides and the weather and the shapes in my bigger abstract try to show the sounds by shape and the interfaces between two different colours.

This is a big old piece of paper for a water colour. I have no idea quite how this project is going to play out, but for now, just charting blue/ greens is very relaxing.

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