#152 theoldmortuary ponders

©Nicky Chilcott Facebook

We were not up early enough to see this wonderful misty sunrise, but not too long later. Hugo, Lola and this weeks man of the week Ralph all had a good scamper on the beach while a couple of bobbers set forth for a low tide swim

The other bobbers present kept their clothes on and their body temperatures toasty.

I’m also collecting Bobbers in action for some future paintings.

All this sunshine set us up nicely for the drive to Wimbledon. A drive that was somewhat enlivened by Ice Cream from Otter Valley Farm.


Our bladders are the deciding factor on stopping on journeys. In truth Otter Nurseries is a little close to home but no one should ever drive past such gorgeous ice cream regardless of bladder status.

Better bladder timed, for us, is Teals Farm Shop

©Teals Farm
©Teals Farm


How wonderful to be able to travel a long distance and only use independent organisations. The A303 is improving .

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