#115 theoldmortuary ponders

Early morning on The Goat Walk Topsham.

We were out early this morning and did some walking in Topsham near Exeter. It has been quite a long while since we were last here. That, I suppose is the point of todays blog. The shapeshifting of time, now we are nearly entering our third year of global pandemic restrictions. With continued alterations to our normal ways of being.

I was surprised yesterday to realise that this old image from a previous exhibition was only 3 years ago. I would have guessed it was more like 4 or 5 years. Then the reverse can be true and I can think I’ve seen someone very recently and they tell me it was two years ago. So my internal time calibration is completely useless at the moment. So who can possibly guess when I was last in Topsham enjoying an early morning Goat Walk.

These precautionary warnings on a pub wall may have a practical purpose but for a return to normal life the same cautions might be advisable.

I find I can no longer with confidence say what happened in any specific lockdown or time period over the last two years. I am an unreliable witness, a poor historian and in truth if anything requires reminiscent recall for the years 2020 and 2021 there is a good chance of inaccuracy. I may make stuff up.

You have been warned.

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