Pandemic Pondering # 417

The May weather is so shocking in Cornwall this year that my poppies are ravaged. I can show their purple loveliness inside but their outsides are not photo worthy. The insides though are a velvety pleasure zone, too bad the weather that is battering them is also keeping the pollinators away.

In contrast the dreadful weather is not keeping us out of the sea and miraculously the storms have not stirred the sea bed too much so the minute the sun comes out everything looks pristine.

©Debs Bobber

The sea temperature has started to edge up a little so the rush to dry off and dress quickly after a swim is getting less desperate.We can even feel some warmth from the sun as we stand around enjoying our flasks of hot drinks.

©Debs Bobber

After some thought the Bobbers have decided to take their relationship to the next level. With temperatures rising slightly the need to dress like arctic explorers, post swim, is less essential. Water bottles have mostly been discarded already, along with wooly bobble hats and one layer of thermal underwear. Some time soon there will be a post swim photo of Bobbers posing in their new team hoodies, a ‘ Next Level’ sign, I’m sure, that ‘ bobbing’ is set to continue as the Pandemic restriction ease off and we could all be off doing different things. Two years ago this location was just somewhere to walk the dogs, a year ago, at the height of restrictions we dreamed of being able to get here to walk the dogs. Now after restrictions eased and exercise was a valid reason to travel short distances we swim here at least 3 times a week and mark special occasions with a dip. Something none of us would have considered until Covid-19 recalibrated our lives and mindsets.

3 thoughts on “Pandemic Pondering # 417

  1. I have been thinking about what changes will last past the pandemic, for me and for others. I thought of your bobbers. I’ve been hoping the practice endures. It seems so life affirming. And to me, exotic. The idea of swimming in the sea as you can do is such a luxury to me, landlocked as I am but loving to swim ( the community rec center is no substitute (though an outdoor pool in summer is an experience from my earliest years and I do love it still). Anyway I love reading your posts where you mention bobbing and it always makes me smile.

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    1. Bobbing is the stand out positive of the Pandemic, there are others. It has brought us an appreciation of nature and a pride of our tenacity. We are sometimes the only people in the sea. I grew up more land locked than I am now and know the absolute pleasure of an outdoor pool. Plymouth has some that are free to use. For May the spectacular Lido is also free but very chilly. Google Tinside Lido for better photographs than I could ever get . Thank you for making my blogging experience enriching xx


      1. You are welcome, and thank you for the photo info. I will take a look. I am entranced by the look of your seaside. Very different from what we have here (our nearest is in New Jersey, very flat and open country as soon as I leave our area, Philadelphia, which is 2 hours from the beach).


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