Pandemic Pondering #335

Illuminate 2019

The storms keeping us out of the sea have abated , but only just. Overnight the rain has been torrential. There is a plan, this Sunday morning, for us to have a swim . I’m fairly freshly out of the dream state , illustrated above.

On waking I have immediately landed into the Procrastinate Zone. The, nearly year long, series of lockdowns and life restrictions have given me the luxury of time  and in turn that has allowed procrastination to become a decision process. An alternative or extra option to add to any decision making moment.

This morning the cogs are turning slowly.

Shall I have a shower before I swim?

Can I actually bear to get out of bed and get into a hot shower?

No , there might be a moment of chill before the shower gets really hot.

Ok, I will just lay here. Procrastinate a bit and think about it in 5 minutes.

There is no logic to this thought, in an hour or so I’m going to be stepping into the sea for fifteen minutes of swimming in water that is about 8 degrees. It is unlikely to be as beautiful as the picture below, but this is the mental image that will get me out of bed and into the shower.

If thats not enough then at the weekend there is the added promise of good coffee.

None of these lovely images are actually persuading me to make that move into the shower. Writing about it , has of course given some legitimacy to procrastination. I could have just posted a different blog and got on with the shower but burbling on about procrastination has kept me in bed for an extra fifteen minutes and now there is no time for a shower.

Sometime soon I’m going to be back in a real world.

This cannot become a way of life!