Pandemic Pondering #295

#351!!!! #351!!! 14 days or 2 weeks to go to #365 which if Iwas a true daily blogger might mark a year of blogging about a pandemic. The truth of course is giddier than that. #1 was written on the 17th March 2020, somehow I am adrift by 52 days.

If I get time, and with another lockdown ongoing I might, I will try and find where those extra blogs slipped in. I suspect early enthusiasm may have thrown extra blogs in when I thought this was a short term thing. Regular readers will know that daily blogging was never a long term plan. Covid restrictions and complications have extended the end point of daily blogging, I may never stop now, I rather hope the title can change soon.

On with todays blog, based on a very regular walk. We left home in thick fog to do some essential shopping for some friends who have been shielding since March 2020. Our destination was an artisinal bakers and beyond getting our 10,000 steps I had no expectations of the walk but very briefly the fog lifted before the days greige descended and I got two shots with a lovely still tide.

This picure works whichever way you look at it. Which is just as well as there are no pictures of the baked goods from the artisinal bakery. I dont know how that happened ! Instead of a trio of Eccles cakes I can offer a red fishing boat. You cant eat fishing boats!

P.s I’ve checked my numbering . Its going to take a day or so to sort out. I am onto it. It was my old foe dysnumeracy, coupled with my dislike of prompts. The numbering is now going to seem a little idiosyncratic as some blogs relate to their numbers but beyond the slog of changing the numbers no harm is done. These blogs are hardly likely to see the light of day for anyones research beyond my own.

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