Pandemic Pondering #250

A cobweb as a metaphor. Planning in a Pandemic has been unbelievably strange. Things that we thought were certain in March 2020 have proved to be not so certain at all and yet in November unplanned things have become certainties.

This jewel encrusted spiders web made me think of the randomness of planning at the moment. Without this web each of these droplets would have splashed on the ground and amounted to nothing but by being caught in the web they exist as beautiful crystal jewels.

If raindrops are plans in 2020 then only the ones that are caught firmly but randomly by the fragility of our situation will survive long enough to come to fruition. I’ve given up trying to predict which ones will fail and which will move on from plans to achievements. Conversely some things seem to succeed without any plans. It’s baffling and uplifting all at the same time and it makes me very grateful for the real world versions of cobwebs. Strength in fragility.

Pandemic Pondering #249

A funny thing happened between Lockdown I and Lockdown II. @theoldmortuary took to the water.

As spring turned to summer and swimming pools stayed resolutely closed we took to the sea for swimming and bobbing about while talking as soon as it was permitted in mid May.The habit stuck and by November we were part of a ‘thing’ a massive increase of people wild swimming. Not only that but by persisting with it we were able to do it in skin, until mid November.

This weekend wetsuits were purchased, and that is the result of the funny thing that happened between Lockdown I and II. Why did we not just stop swimming in the sea in September just like any normal year?

We’ve cut down on the post swim reward. Black coffee without the embellishments of doughnuts, Eccles cakes or cinnamon buns. Wet suits are not as forgiving as bathing suits. 2020 is notorious enough without being the year two wetsuits were purchased. Whatever next!