Pandemic Pondering #188

Our Staycation took us to Totnes overnight. I worked in Totnes over twenty years ago, at the time it was known for being a town sympathetic to New Age and Alternative Lifestyles. Pandemic Pondering #232 Going up the hill at Totnes.

Twenty years later Totnes has the same vibe but wears it a little less obviously, the town seems smarter. Pondering in Totnes took me down quite a rabbit hole. A particularly lovely piece of Palimpsest caught my eye.

The name Alice Oswald can be seen through the layers of stickers and paint. Googling Alice Oswald I discovered she is a Poet of note and is the first female Oxford Professor of Poetry and also a winner of the T.S Elliot Poetry Prize . Something I only know exists because my favourite poet Roger Robinson won it this year.

As luck would have it I had taken a picture of the River Dart half an hour before I found the Palimpsest that started this ponder. Lucky because Alice is known for her work ‘Dart’.

I’ve shared the Guardian review of the poem/ book because it is all very unknown to me currently. I’ve ordered a copy of the book from the library. Let’s get on with the rest of Totnes.

Lovely Jubbly

A little smile and a nod to a favourite British sitcom Only Fools and Horses as we arrived in town.

We were camping overnight at Steamer Quay which is a really quick walk into town or onto several beautiful Riverside walks. As usual @theoldmortuary our day started with a coffee. On a day when new restrictions were set to be announced the message was loud and clear at the café.

The Curator cafe set us up perfectly for the steep incline that is Totnes High Street. The high street is full of independents , we had a fabulous browse in regular retailers and charity shops . Earmarking purchases for when we were on the descent. Arrival at the top was rewarded with a visit to.

Another coffee shop with great coffee and outdoor seating overlooking one of my favourite Vintage shops.

We were in Totnes so obviously bumping into a stranger involved a conversation about Dry Needling , fascinating, not for me, but apparently it works.


Interesting women were all over the top part of the town. This strong image was in the shop window of Revival

Ramping up the glamour opposite was this gorgeous creation.

This is the point that this blog ends, tomorrow we will return down the hill. is our final stop at the top. The artwork featured in the window of fifty5a is by Lucie Smailes.

2 thoughts on “Pandemic Pondering #188

  1. It was lovely for me to.tern without work pressures , I am and have always been a big fan. My biggest disappointment was the specialist paper shop.was not open. My bank account however would be very happy. When did you.leave.? The campsight is so.perfectly position ed , we loved the river walks.


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