Pandemic Pondering #190

This is going to be a funny blog, for a start autumn seems to be imposing itself on us. Yesterday we had beautiful sunlight and a beautiful Begonia.

This morning we had the bright sunshine but the air was certainly crisper. Autumn shouted loud from a farmhouse wall.

Virginia Creeper

Pretty soon after rain started to fall and that set the tone of the day. Staycation or not some chores needed doing so that was the plan for a couple of hours. Chores and then an adventure. As it turned out we got the adventure but not one of our planning . South East Cornwall is divided from Devon by the Tamar Bridge or the Torpoint Ferry. Further north there are many, mostly mediaeval bridges that cross the Tamar as it gets narrower. A quick pop into Plymouth became a day out. The twenty minute journey home extended to well over four hours when a road accident closed the Tamar Bridge which in turn overwhelmed the Torpoint Ferry which left us with the Mediaeval option at Gunnislake. Mediaeval bridges need a little respect so progress was not swift. That’s exactly why this is a very small blog, no time for an adventure after the unplanned one.

One tiny post script.

Finally the Canadian Soap first mentioned really early in Pandemic Ponderings became a tissue thin sliver of soap this week and today slipped without ceremony down the sink. Another Canadian soap has stepped up to take its place in the bathroom sink. It happens to be the colour of Autumn so I think we have conceded. Autumn 2020 you’ve arrived.

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