Pandemic Pondering #178

Another Day, another cafe.

Ashburton again today for coffee. This time Cafe Latino, a themed coffee shop serving very fine coffee with a Latino soundtrack.

We drove home to Cornwall through Dartmoor to hunt out some overnight stops for a future staycation.

Driving into Widecome was beautiful this morning. I was probably about 10 when I last visited , not much has changed which is as it should be in a National Park.

Home to find the Order of Service for my Uncles funeral had arrived in the post.

The Pandemic has certainly altered our way of marking death. As previously discussed in Pandemic Pondering I wonder how things will be when we have shrugged off the restrictions imposed by Covid-19.

The current restrictions of only 30 mourners means that for many people the receipt of an order of service is the only connection possible to celebrate the life of someone important.

I’m not sure grief in isolation is a good thing, something we are all getting used to but not a practice that will be good for us as a society or as individuals in the long run. Memorial services may help but as the numbers stack up of people we’ve loved and lost in 2020 the unreality of the situation becomes quite abstract.

When life is tough on the mind taking a little time out with a puppy is a lovely treat.

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