Pandemic Pondering #122

Blogs written on a Saturday sometimes suffer from a little too much input…

Saturday started early for us, Hugo and Lola were booked in for the early slot at the groomers. After dropping them off we parked up at the National Trust car park early enough to be rapped on the knuckles by a diligent National Trust employee telling us off for parking overnight.

This view was our reward for being early birds. Eggs and bacon cooked while overlooking Wembury tasted fabulous.

Meanwhile Miss Lola was being pampered and featured on the groomers Instagram feed. Hugo declined to pose.

She was obviously feeling competitive with Miss VV who appeared on the Cornish Lavender Instagram feed, this morning.

Grooming exhausts the dogs so a quiet afternoon was planned, a bit of domestica followed by some internet shopping was the height of planned excitement.

A quarter of British women buy their underwear from Mark’s and Spencer. We are in that 25%. The pandemic has not been kind to the underwear drawers. Without regular grazing in the lingerie department of M and S shortages have occured.

Internet shopping failed us today. The website was irritatingly erratic. However the local store had increased its opening hours so a very much unplanned adventure into post lockdown clothes shopping occured.

Its strange shopping in a familiar store with Social Distancing restrictions. By waiting until the early evening we missed all other shoppers. It was a really pleasant experience. Underwear was purchased and our reward for a first Pandemic clothes shopping expedition was a walk at the Royal William Yard, after a few hours rest, post pampering, the dogs were also ready to strut their fresh haircuts.

A box of chips was a treat for us all.

Saturday blogging, it writes itself.

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