Pandemic Pondering #115

Saturday pondering today was always going to be a bit all over the place. Gerberas in specimen vases was the start. Quite gentle I think.

We had planned a trip to a camp site in Totnes, not in the campervan, but to visit friends. Totnes for those that know it, is always a little off the wall. At its heart a beautiful Devonian Market town with a steep hill as it’s High Street and a gentle section of the River Dart flowing near the bottom of the hill. Its soul is less traditional and Totnes has for many years been one of England’s gathering points for New Age Alternativism. Having worked in Totnes, a few times, over many years I knew to expect and accept the unusual in Totnes during any visit.

Today was no exception but I did not expect the unexpected to be a crazy Steampunk style American Car Rally.

Beyond the fascinating cars, we had gone to meet some friends, called Covidfriends, because we met them during the pandemic.

They manage campsights and their current one is in Totnes.

Managing campsights is a funny business .

” Whoa Anita, is that my 7 metre, he’s going to struggle to get that in backwards”

Not a normal conversation in my opinion. But this is Totnes a place where a bottle of Jack Daniels doubles up as screen wash.

There is no way to tie in Steampunk Cars with Gerberas in specimen pots, unless, just like the cars, I offer you the Gerberas in black and white with just one colour highlighted.

Saturday, the day for a blog all over the place. The link below explains Totnes more coherently.

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