Pandemic Pondering #112

Keeping ourselves nice.

Socially distanced birds at a supermarket

Back from our Lockdown release gallivanting, we have socialised,done a little shopping, a lot of garden maintenance and a lot of driving. We caught up with the really important things in life, friends and family.

Stag, Richmond Park

Throughout the pandemic restrictions we have used the term ‘ Keeping ourselves nice’ meaning that we’ve stuck to and are mindful of the rules.

Bulbous Betty , Richmond

The term is one I heard in my childhood and the simple explanation of the term is – Is this person sexually continent. It was used in hushed tones by the older generation when discussing unmarried people and in less hushed tones when discussing their friends and neighbours who were not ‘ Keeping themselves nice’

I don’t even know if it was a common phrase, although I once heard a comedian saying his mum had commented that she hoped ” He was keeping himself nice”

Our slightly tongue in cheek use of the term is more about being socially continent and mindful of restrictions and other people’s needs.

‘ Keeping ourselves nice’ has become a way of life.

Working From Home Perfection. Laptop, coffee and peace in a park.

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