Pandemic Ponderings #4

Zooming and WhatsApp has filled my day as I’m sure it has or will for many people during these early pandemic days.Setting up new forms of communication for groups that until this week simply got together is vital to keep us socially and culturally connected. Whatsapp has been part of my portfolio of communication for a while , I’ve settled on that platform for a small 10 person book club.

Zoom is something I’ve only used once for an art course. I wasn’t so sure about it then. It worked much better today for an artist and makers organisation, we were all pretty much video conferencing virgins and once contact was established everyone seemed to relax into it.

Away from my device I’ve had a lovely long dog walk, once again dressed as the Lone Ranger.

My walk was pretty slow as Hugo and Lola needed to read the doggy news that they all constantly leave for each other. I took their sniffing/peeing stops as a cue to find something interesting to photograph .

The last one must mean something to someone, it’s clearly important as it’s been highlighted but to the uninitiated( me) it means nothing. The others of course signify the arrival of spring and need only innate knowledge to decode. I am very grateful that in the Northern Hemisphere this pandemic is hitting us in the natural world’s most optomistic season.

Pandemic Pondering #3

Thankfully, today, the dreadful earache is much less dreadful. Grapefruit calls me for breakfast. Easy peel tangerines for other parts of the day.

Citrus fruits of all sorts in their awkward sticky, juicy, fleshy wholeness are my favourite fruits. I wonder if I’ve been craving them for the last couple of days because Mr Virus was hanging around. It helps massively that Lidl are selling grapefruit for 29p and no-one, except perhaps me, would ever consider panic buying or hoarding grapefruits.

Social isolation stops me being that person, but long before Coronovirus or its evil twin Brexit were gripping Britain I had squirreled away some tins of grapefruit.

Curiously me and grapefruit go back a long way. My parents thought that half a grapefruit served with its own special spoon was exactly the sort of breakfast to serve to their small child. It could be followed by another eye wateringly sharp citrus burst of Lime marmalade.

I wonder if my love of citrus is genetic, my father could never choose anything different if a lemon flavoured desert appeared on a menu. As he got older, about where I am now, he drove my mother mad with his lemon obsession. Even Christmas cake got the citrus treatment as he squeezed half a bottle of Jif concentrated lemon juice into the royal icing mixture.

Pondering is a funny old business. It was only while I was writing this that I remembered that mornings were always started with PLJ and hot water. I can’t have given that a moment’s thought for 40 years. I think it was a seventies thing but I’m not really sure.

Onwards into day 2 of isolation.