Citizen of the Atlantic Archipelago

There are days at theoldmortuary when we learn something so basic it shocks us. Today the term Atlantic Archipelago has seeded itself into our conversations. Proud Remoaners , it may be the single good thing to come out of a day when the divorce papers can no longer be recalled.

Maybe my romantic, creative head has fallen for those two words as my soul is prized, scarifyingly, off the single word European.

I’m already imagining the ease that will come with introducing myself as someone from the Atlantic Archipelago. No longer any need to explain the stages or nuances of a broken relationship when the breakup was not of my choosing.

I realise it might just be a rebound relationship, but for today and tomorrow it works .

For those not reading this in Britain. Tonight Britain leaves the European Union.

A remoaner is someone who thinks leaving the European Union is a foolhardy error.