Abstract Intensives. Reflection #2 Late August.

Late August always seems to be a more logical time to reflect than the dark days around the New Year. Obviously I’ve wanted to reflect on the change the Abstract Intensive Course at hhttps://www.falmouth.ac.uk/ has had on my work. I realise now that that is just part of the picture, prior to my attending the course at Falmouth I had already submitted many works to galleries and exhibitions for the summer season and completed commissions . The unsold works from these events, and, to my chagrin, a refused purchase of a commission are slowly returning to the studio. Even with the insight of a fresh pair of abstract eyes I still really love some of them and am surprised no one has wanted to take them into their homes. Others I can see that only a mother/ the artist could see their good points. I’ve still got some way to go to get through the reading that was suggested to me by the tutors.The reading has been a great pleasure.Accidentally I went to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition twice. Once before and once after the course. I loved it both times but it was really a treat to see it the second time. I’m unsure if it was great because the curating artist was Grayson Perry whose work and words I adore or great because I was really geared up to look at contemporary art this summer. Either way it felt like the best RA Summer Exhibition I had seen. Taking all these things into consideration as well as the Abstract Intensive Course . I feel some change is afoot for my work. I’ve realised that when I paint my abstracts they are not only representations of how I see the subject but also how I think and feel about it. My way of applying an image on my newly acquired art boards (with thanks to Ravi Bains who made them https://www.endgrainsurfaces.com/contact/) may not look so very different from my usual style but my thinking will have taken some more intriguing routes to get there. In the next few weeks I’m going to have a virtual ‘Open Studio’ to sell off this summers returners before I get down to some serious painting in September.
Concrete Rock Pools from the previous blog and inspired by a visit to Trebah ,on the Helford River https://www.trebahgarden.co.uk/has been finished. Some rusty old iron stripes and some fragile bubble shapes add to the glorious Mediterranean colours that were such a part of the summer of 2018 . It was a great place to contemplate War and Peace.

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