Pandemic Pondering #292

Pondering ruminating.

Underneath the Millennium Bridge, London

It’s been a dull day so I thought I would #lightupnovember2020 with some light photos from Novembers past while nattering on about ruminating. I’ve pondered a bit about what comes after Pandemic Pondering. I’ve already accepted that my extended Advent will not occur this year as I’m already committed to pondering . Christmas 2020 dusted off the decorations and TV adverts early without warning me. I have already missed that particular boat.

Looking beyond Christmas and into 2021 the news on many potential vaccines suggests that a post pandemic life may be a little closer, the end to Ponderings needs to be considered. Recently I stumbled on Random Ruminations as the eventual successor to Pandemic Ponderings.

Initial research has taken me down an unusual path involving a cows four stomachs and the fascinating information that cows belch silently. If there is technique for learning this?

©Oxford Languages

To me the deep thinking and the chewing of the cud are interchangable. How can we possibly know if cows are,or are not, thinking deeply whilst they chew the cud. Are they the even the same word in many other languages?

The SouthBank, London

Beyond this early research I don’t believe I need to worry overmuch about rumination. Pondering looks set to carry on for a little while yet. Perhaps I should start collecting photographs of ruminants though!

Illuminate Festival, Plymouth.

Pandemic Pondering #289

I’m doing a bit of time managing Drawn to the Valley  art groups Instagram page. In these ever changing pandemic times it is a quick way, combined with Facebook and Twitter to communicate with both the artist members and people who like to buy original art. November in any year can be a little slow artwise before December explodes into Christmas Fairs and Markets. 2020 takes slow November to a whole new level of slow. This morning I came up with a # inspired by an early morning walk in typically November West Country greyness.


@theoldmortuary November life was certainly brightened up today by two things. Firstly the most gorgeous Orchid arrived clutched by a lovely friend. Definitely something that cuts through Cornish grey #lightupnovember2020

The other thing that twinkled into @theoldmortuary was a tutu . Just a little one for a little person but it certainly fits the brief for #lightupnovember2020

#lightupnovember2020 spreading a little bright in the grey.