Panemic Pondering #342

Fools Spring

If unseasonably sunny weather appears in any February, in Britain, the moment is known as Fools Spring. People usually flood the streets in lighter clothing and floral patterns. Sunshine on the weekend late in February 2021, after nearly a year of restricted Pandemic living was a recipe for quiet sartorial skittishness. The flood was replaced by a gentle trickle but along with floral patterns, shorts were worn and socks were abandoned so blue white toes could lay flacidly on the corky soles of Birkenstocks.

Colours took on a vivacity that lifted our spirits.

And even the moon put on a vivid show for the end of the day.

Foolish it might well have been but it felt like Spring was close.

Pandemic Ponderings #19

Pangolin fever @theoldmortuary hit new levels yesterday when a Pangolin popped in for tea on his way to Truro to join Miss VV’s menagerie.

Pangolin posed for pictures in the garden before being popped in the post instead of an Easter egg.

Pangolin particularly liked the litchen on our old bench as it seemed to be to scale.

The old hedge was less comfy but gave a good moment in the sun.

Happy Sunday to humans and Pangolins wherever you are…