Nourishment ( this is not a food blog)

Wedding Cake by Stephanie Yates.

The Old Custom House Hotel, FoweyIMG_7267.JPGWhilst hunting for style, design and culture we often end up in beautiful eating establishments. It would be rude to look but not eat. Sometimes we feel compelled to comment even though we are just happy and, all too effective, eaters of things comestible.

Sometimes it’s hard to separate the two things.

It has been said of the greatest style and design hub in the U.K.  “Great cafe with a lovely museum attached. ” Victoria and Albert Museum London.

So forgive us if we dabble where only food writers should go.

The Rod and Line, Tideford

IMG_1346The Rod and Line, Tideford serves great food. We were hunting for a good burger within easy distance of home. Our simple requirement does this pub a disservice, there was a good selection of much more interesting food , and sneaking a peek at other people’s food gave us serious food envy, but when you need a burger, you need a burger.

10  years away from South East Cornwall is a great excuse to get out and about to find a new set of ‘ local’ favourites. I think we’ve struck gold in both Pub and Burger categories here.

The pub is a gem, great atmosphere, genuine      ‘ Pub style’ the thing chains try desperately hard to recreate, here it has evolved over decades, form and function in complete harmony. The staff are engaging and really know the provenance of the food they serve. A huge amount of it is locally sourced.Guinness was served perfectly and the dogs were welcomed.  What’s not to like?

Further research may be required which requires a second visit soon.